TAR Chapbook Series



TAR is thrilled to announce the five selections in our inaugural chapbook series.




Megan GiddingsSoleil HoMike LalaRoberto Montes



Glowing acknowledgments to these amazing finalists as well!


Poetry Chapbook Finalists:

Cornelia Barber’s Unconditional
Ryan Black’s Death of a Nativist
Liz Bowen’s sugarblood
Justin Brouckaert’s Skin
Marty Cain’s Decomposing Subject in the Hill Country Hour
Chen Chen’s Kissing the Sphinx
Claire Donato’s Thirst
Jane Flett’s Mashnotes
Leora Fridman’s Prayer for Vessels
Malcolm Friend’s Black Superhero
Alex Gregor’s faucet
Russell Jaffe’s La Croix Water
Laura Kochman’s An Installation of the Replica of the Tomb by Paul Thek
Tony Mancus’s The future is different | all the ways we get | there from here
Erin Lyndal Martin’s Autopsy Theater
Dominick Parris’s Ho Hum
Cate Peebles’s The Woodlands
Chris Salerno’s Brightening Elsewhere
Simone Savannah’s Like Kansas
JD Scott’s Pocket Monsters
Marina Weiss’s Relativity
Emma Woods’s Sex Sonnets
Maggie Woodward’s Liturgy of the Brier Daughter


Fiction Chapbook Finalists:

Rebekah Bergman’s Happy Birthday, I Love You
Diane Exavier’s Men (and Women) in the Town
Calvin Gimpelevich’s Rent, Don’t Sell
Nicole Miller’s Friend/Food


Nonfiction Chapbook Finalists:

Colette Arrand’s Hidden Machines
Patrick Gaughan’s Celebrity Impersonators
Julie Marie Wade’s and Denise Duhamel’s Why the Moon Matters