Third Annual TAR Chapbook Series

We are happy to announce that we will be accepting submissions for our third annual TAR Chapbook Series. Past winners have included Mike Lala, Zoe Dzunko, Soleil Ho, Megan Giddings, Roberto Montes, George Abraham, Spencer Williams, Diane Exavier, and Candace Williams. We try to contain all things as publisher. We are your editor, your designer, your publicist, your agent, your cheerleader, your friend, and whatever else you might need. We are not beyond sending you bouquets of flowers or home-baked goods when you’re feeling down about your brilliance. Our chapbooks have been reviewed and our authors have been interviewed at the following media outlets: The RumpusThe FanzineThe Brooklyn RailBitch MediaThe Ploughshares BlogVolume: One Brooklyn, and beyond.

We understand the importance of good book design, a thorough editorial process, constant promotion, and an entertaining digital presence. Everything down to the paper stock is considered a unique part of your book’s production life. We aim to make sure no book looks or even feels the same. Selected manuscripts will have a small print-run, and authors will receive 20 contributor copies plus $100 in payment. Maybe that chapbook is yours! We’ll be opening up our reading period September 1, 2017 through October 1, 2017. Please read the submission guidelines for more details.

Zoe Dzunko’s Selfless (top); Mike Lala’s In the Gun Cabinet (bottom)



Hungry Ghosts by Soleil Ho (top left), Arcade Seventeen by Megan Giddings (top right), Grievances by Roberto Montes (bottom left), al youm by George Abraham (bottom right)


Within each genre of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction are two forms of submission, neither of which has any extra impression on us. We invite you to submit your manuscript for free or with a small donation, which will go directly toward creating more singular, gorgeous artifacts, as well as toward payment to our contributors. 


The chapbook series will continue with The Atlas Review‘s mission of remaining anonymous. Work should push against the status quo and challenge us. You may submit a manuscript between approximately 20 and 30 pages. Please read all the guidelines specific to each genre. Submissions should include the following:

  • Twenty- to thirty-page manuscript free of any identity-revealing information.
  • Dress your manuscript up with a title page, table of contents, and whatever else you would like to include. Acknowledgments page optional. Please use a readable font in 12-point. Times New Roman is always master of the house, but an equivalent is fine.
  • You can include a brief cover letter that describes this particular manuscript’s agenda/thesis/mission, but please note that unless it is in the chapbook document (as opposed to the Submittable field), we won’t have access to it due to blind screening. This is absolutely optional. Still, do not include your name or any identity-revealing information here.
  • While we love surprises, we will not tolerate racism/bigotry/misogyny/transphobia or any other hateful materials in your submission. #nopenopeNOPE

We hope to have a final selection of manuscripts by the end of November. We will publicize the finalists by the end of October, we hope, we hope. It is the summertime after all, and we do love our summertime sadness. Should there be any delays, we will be in touch with updates!

We’re so excited to read your chapbooks!


Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email: theatlasreview [at] gmail [dot] com