Pushcart Nominations for The Atlas Review!

logoBorderLiteOur nominations for the 2014 year of Pushcart Nominations are…

John Jodzio, for his story published in issue 3, “Winnipeg”

Wendy Lotterman, for her poem published in issue 3, “These Paris Airfares Won’t Last

Soleil Ho, for her essay published in issue 3, “Race Recorder: August 5, 2013 to October 15, 2013

May-Lan Tan, for her story published in issue 4, “Julia K.”

John Gallaher, for his poem published in issue 4, “They Put TVs in Restaurants to Make Us Feel Bad

Amy Lawless, for her poem published in issue 4, “little cunt”


Check back in later in the week for exclusive features of some of these pieces! Congratulations to all our nominees and best of luck to them in the anthology wilds.