Past Issues


Issue 5

Poems by Aaron Apps, Lillian Bertram, Christopher Blackman, Jillian Buckley, Mike Crossley, Laura Ferris, Leora Fridman, Ann Glaviano, Kamden Hilliard, Anne Cecilia Holmes, Laura Kochman, Gabe Kruis, Debora Kuan, Carrie Lorig, Kathleen Maris, Roberto Montes, Rachel Nelson, JoAnna Novak, Allyson Paty, Sarah Sala, JD Scott, Serena Solin, Mary Stone, Mathias Svalina, Laura Theobald, Maya Weeks, and Candice Wuehle; Fiction by Rita Bullwinkel, Andrew Cothran, Kathleen Heil, Hilary Leichter, Nicole Miller, and T.A. Stanley; Nonfiction by Paul Arrand Rodgers; Visual art by V. Alard Lisbet, Emily Raw, Claire Lachow, and Nina Barnes; and interviews with Valeria Luiselli (with Natalie Eilbert) and Kate Durbin (with Eric Nelson)


Issue 4

Poems by: Samuel Ace, Amber Atiya, Josh Bettinger, Melissa Broder, Libby Burton, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Katie Fowley, John Gallaher, Sharif El Gammal-Ortiz, P.J. Horoszko, Cecily Iddings, Purdey Lord Kreiden, Amy Lawless, Paul Legault, Keegan Lester, Jake Levine, Jesse Lichtenstein, Andrew McAlpine, Amanda Montei, Alexis Pope, Vincent Poturica, Emily Present, Sarah V. Schweig, Rachel Springer Dunbar, Lucia Stacey, Bridget Talone, Elizabeth Clark Wessel

Stories by: Mary Cafferty Lavallee, Lindsay Hunter, T Kira Madden, Anna Marschalk-Burns, Ashley K. Nelson, May-Lan Tan, Zach VandeZande

An essay by Rachel Wilkinson

An interview with Maggie Nelson conducted by Molly Rose Quinn

Visual Arts by: Jasmine Golestaneh, Gaelen Harlacher, Michelle Macinsky, Peter Oravetz, Lauren Renner


Issue 3

Issue 3 contains fiction by Nelly Reifler, John Jodzio, Jesse Kohn, Vanessa Cumming, and Marlo Starr; poetry by CAConrad, Nicole Steinberg, Morgan Parker, Wendy Lotterman, Joanna C. Valente, Dan Encarnacion, Anthony Bartels, Sarah V. Schweig, Craig Morgan Teicher, Joshua Ware, Joe DeLuca, Curtis Rogers, Ted Dodson, Jennifer Nelson, Marcus Slease, Tim Earley, Laressa Dickey, Josh Kalscheur, Krystal Languell, Liz Dosta, M. Callen, and Jonathan Aprea; nonfiction by Soleil Ho, Dale Megan Healey, and Sean H. Doyle; interviews with Etgar Keret and Sheila Heti; and art by Traci Matlock, Aliene de Souza Howell, and Dan Ivec.

We are extremely proud of this volume of work. Much like the cover photo by Traci Matlock, a self-portrait in not giving any cares over where we pour our glasses of water, the issue is brimming with work that rides the thin line of artifice and confession, and does so with the unfaltering nay unstoppable grace we see immediately in Traci’s piercing gaze. Do consider purchasing a copy of this insanely hearty issue; and consider too a subscription for one or even two whole years. While you’re at it, check out Issues 1 & 2!


Issue 2

Poetry | C Dylan Bassett | Emily Brandt | Jay Deshpande | Brandon Downing (with text-collage) | Ben Fama | Matthew Fee | David Feinstein | Vanessa Jimenez Gabb | Rachel B. Glaser | John Fenlon Hogan | Peter Bogart Johnson | W.M. Lobko | Eireann Lorsung | Shane McCrae | Camille Rankine | Sam Ross | Brian Trimboli | Caleb Washburn

Fiction | Roberta Allen | Gabriella Ambrosio (trans. by Alastair McEwen) | Maria Anderson | rob mclennan | Mike Meginnis | Jessica Richardson | Kyra Simone | An Interview with Amelia Gray

Nonfiction | Wilhemina Condon | Benjamin Hale

Visual Art | Nash Bellows | Mr. Fish (Dwayne Booth) | Christine Shan Shan Hou | Ivan de Monbrison | Nathaniel St. Amour | cover art by Curtis Miller


Issue 1

Poetry by: Eileen Myles, Caitlin Dube, Michael Simon, Christopher DeWeese, Justin Boening, Patrick Gaughan, Anna Journey, Joe Hall, Ken Walker, Cori Winrock, Marci Vogel, Safiya Sinclair, Rob Ostrom, Kathleen Ossip, Brandon Kreitler, Meg Day, Matt Zingg, Rachel Carstens, Sara June Woods Fiction by: Jacob Mercer, Catherine Lacey, Judy Caldwell-Midero, Jon Steinhagen, Sam Allingham Visual Art by: David Michael Schmidt, Noah and Nathan Rice, Kristof Didrickson, Bianca Stone, Roxy Drew Brett Rees, Wrong Floor George Saunders interviewed by Dolan Morgan Cover image by Jenny Harp