The Atlas Review needs some help! We’re currently looking for some bright and ludicrous energy to contribute to the bright and ludicrous Atlas staff. Are you engaged in the lit community, do you therein look at how we might dismantle institutions that support white supremacist/patriarchal practices, do you spiral and vault and arch and panic when you read certain authors and words in books and magazines and blogs and do you take great pleasure in that bodily sublime, and are you alive to the dreadful politics of being alive? What about this Simone Weil quote, “To see each human being (an image of oneself) as a prison in which a prisoner dwells, surrounded by the whole universe.” I mean, right? Then my goodness would we like to talk to you!

Consider raising your voice real high and apply for these volunteer-based opportunities! (We are all volunteers—I, the founding editor and publisher, ate a deli sandwich while typing this in gym clothes at 8:49pm on a Monday restless to the crippling new wave of 32 hours still inside this workweek so I can support this beautiful venture). (Which is to say, we never expect you to complete heavy workloads—just what you can when you can. Hustle, hustle).


Image by Michelle Macinsky, from issue 4


We’ve begun our reading period for the TAR Chapbook Series for chapbook-length books, and will soon begin reading for our biannual literary magazine. We publish work that goes against the grain, blurs genre, and highlights otherwise marginalized voices. We ask that our readers share this ethos, and that they be diverse in range and background. As with every position on staff, this is a volunteer-based position; however, you’d be part of a great group of writers and thinkers, plus our monthly meetings are super fun—free pizza! Pizza abound, this can also be a remote job. All you need is a Submittable account! Interested? Send a brief intro about yourself our way that includes any editorial experience, your genre preference, your contact info, and a list of contemporary books you enjoyed at theatlasreview [at] gmail [dot] com. We’re so excited to hear from you!

Events Coordinator

We are seeking a big personality and total ham to be our new Events Coordinator! The Events Coordinator would organize and host our monthly reading series, the Atlas Reading Series, a text-art collaboration that takes place at 61 Local in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. They would also organize and host upcoming launches, special events and festivals, and whatever else might come our way! Big ups if you have attended our events. Maybe you heard about the Solaris marathon we co-organized with Marina Abramovic Institute two summers ago? Yeah, that was a lot of work! But we did it as a team. So you would also be someone open to collaboration who doesn’t hold their cards too close to their chest! You are also someone who is pleased as plums to uphold our reader rules: No event can be majority men; no event can be all white

As with every position on staff, this is a volunteer position, but you would be part of a great group of thinkers, plus free pizza/fun at our meetings! Send a brief intro about yourself our way that demonstrates your past as an events coordinator and your ideas about how you envision reading spaces. Tell us about some literary events you’ve recently attended and some of your recent book lists. Send this and your contact info to theatlasreview [at] gmail [dot] com.