Issue 1

Poetry Eileen Myles, Wet Paris Caitlin Dube, Careful Michael Simon, Darkroom Christopher DeWeese, The Valley, The Lake and The Field Justin Boening, Desired Monastic and On the Mysterious Disappearance of Fortune Tellers Patrick Gaughan, The Radiant City Anna Journey, Omens I Chose to Ignore: Houston and Survival Guide from the Month of June Joe Hall, Ritual People, Laid Off and Notes on a Job Ken Walker, Flash in Naples, 1983 Cori Winrock, Swallow as | Auto Portrait | as Silent Film and The Seasons Gallop Away With You Marci Vogel, A Retrospective of Birds Safiya Sinclair, In the Event of the Last Unhappiness, Return to the Sea Rob Ostrom, In the Garden and His List of Enchanted Things Kathleen Ossip, The Game and Veterans’ Day Brandon Kreitler, Antique Bloom and In the West Meg Day, In a Time When My Bones Were Help Together by Choir Claps Matt Zingg, Even Though the Earth Be Removed and selections from Over Which Lessons / We Wring Our Hands and from Permanent Residence Rachel Carstens, The Hoodoos at Montauk Sara June Woods, Ghosts and Russia Fiction Jacob Mercer, Monument Catherine Lacey, There Was a Story and The Healing Center Judy Caldwell-Midero, The Day the Mayo Men Straightened Up Jon Steinhagen, The Big Book of Sounds Sam Allingham, Songs Visual Art David Michael Schmidt, Lady With Cars Noah and Nathan Rice, The City is a Dagger Kristof Didrickson, Taoist Body (Head) Bianca Stone, I Brought My Chalice Up to the Fountain and Little Dog Afraid of Lightning (both inspired by Eileen Myles’s poem “Wet Paris”) Roxy Drew, Maundy Monday, Can’t Trust That Day Brett Rees, Wrong Floor George Saunders interviewed by Dolan Morgan
Cover image by Jenny Harp