Exit Theater by Mike Lala


Congratulations to Mike Lala, the brilliant author behind In the Gun Cabinet, for his award-winning debut poetry collection, Exit Theater, forthcoming from the University Press of Colorado’s Center for Literary Publishing. It is now available for preorder. To celebrate Mike and his extraordinary achievements, we are pleased to offer a free epub of In the Gun Cabinet to anybody who preorders Exit TheaterIn the Gun Cabinet is part of the larger collection of Exit Theater, but the chapbook published with TAR also has its own unique elements apart from the main book—scattered images, a one-act play, an immersive multimedia performance on the page. When you preorder Exit Theater, send the receipt to us at theatlasreview [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you an epub of this heartstoppingly good chapbook. It will be just what you need to prepare yourself for the politically gutted expanse of Exit Theater.

You may purchase it from any of the following vendors:


UPC (publisher and distributor)

Barnes & Noble


Read a sample of In the Gun Cabinet, a brief interview with Mike, and a trailer documenting the printing process of this beautiful chapbook here. And make sure you preorder the crap out of his book! Congrats, Mike!


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