Announcing the Winners of the 2017 TAR Chapbook Series!


al youm: for yesterday & her inherited traumas

George Abraham is a Palestinian-American poet attending Swarthmore College. He competed in poetry slams including CUPSI (placing 2nd out of 68 international teams), NPS, and IWPS. He is a Pushcart nominee and a 2-time recipient of the Favianna Rodriguez Artistic Activism Award. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Diode, the Margins, Thrush, Apogee, Assaracus, Sukoon, and the Ghassan Kanafani Palestinian Literature Anthology. He hopes to bring awareness to Palestinian human rights/socio-economic struggles through art.


Diane Exavier writes, makes, thinks a lot, and laughs even more. She hails from Brooklyn and still uses the Oxford comma. Her work has been presented at Bowery Poetry Club, Dixon Place, Independent Curators International, and more. Her writing appears in The Atlas Review and The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race in the Life of the Mind. Diane is currently completing an MFA in Writing for Performance at Brown University.

Spells for Black Wizards

Candace Williams is Head of Community at a podcasting startup by day. By night and subway ride, she’s a poet. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hyperallergic, Lambda Literary Review, Copper Nickel, and the Brooklyn Poets Anthology (Brooklyn Arts Press), among other places. She’s earned a MA in Elementary Education from Stanford University, a Brooklyn Poets Fellowship, and scholarships from Cave Canem. You can find her cuddling her pit bull while subtweeting the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy (@teacherc).

Alien Pink

Spencer Williams is from Chula Vista, California. She is currently an undergraduate at University of Iowa, where she is studying English and Cinema. Her work has been featured in Potluck, Ink Lit Mag, Fractal, and Periphery.

Finalists and Semifinalists

This was indeed the hardest time we’ve ever had selecting chapbooks. The manuscripts submitted were all otherwordly good. Congratulations to the finalists and semifinalists, who sure gave us a run for our money. Other publishers, be aware of these tremendous talents!:

Poetry Finalists

These Contracts We Make by Ruth Baumann

The Abject Fingers Are a Swamp of Becoming by Marty Cain

Red//Jild//Prayer by Hazem Fahmy

The End Part Two by MC Hyland

O Nibiru by Kirsten Kaschock

thought sand echo by Tony Mancus

The Last Town Before the Mojave by Nathan Osorio

How to Make an Enemy by Ali Power

Without Them I Am Still a Mother by Sarah Sgro


Fiction Finalists

Portrait: Maternal Instincts by Ruth Baumann


Nonfiction Finalist

Blueberries by Ellena Savage



Poetry Semifinalists

Roadside Assistance by M. J. Arlett

girl mute with fish teeth by Melissa Atkinson Mercer

Reading Tsvetaeva on Father’s Day by Chase Berggrun

In Each Pond, a Mirror by Aaron Boothby

Daughter Shaman by Kristi Carter

Animal Mineral by Stephanie Cawley

The Softness by Kell Connor

Luxury, Blue Lace by Samuel Corfman

Porch Thought by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

(in) (salt) (city) by K. M. English

Look Alive by Luiza Flynn-Goodlett

Case Study on the Afro-Seattleite by Malcolm Friend

Diffusely Yours by Kate Garklavs

Core Collapse by Stuart Greenhouse

Everlasting Youth by Sophie Grimes

Immersion Kick by Jeremy Hoevenaar

A Symbol Pronounced Star by Heather Hughes

Mirrors | Arcady by John James

Autopsy Theater by Erin Lyndal Martin

Honey in My Hair by Livia Meneghin

illus at home by Iordanis Papadopoulos

Not Only My Grandmothers by Andy Powell

settler by Maggie Queeney

Philip Says by Michael Robins

watch out for falling bullets by Phil SaintDenisSanchez

Fat Dreams by Nicole Steinberg

Imaginary Conversation in which You Are a Flock of Birds by Laura Theobald

metabody by Adam Walsh


Fiction Semifinalists

The Process by Rebekah Bergman

Hold Until Release Until End of World Confirmed by Chase Dibben

Kings by Chen Gu

Elements of a Bystander by Juan Reyes

What Is Reflected by Susan Rukeyser

The Plaza of Kitsch by Neil Serven

Pulling Weeds by T. A. Stanley


Nonfiction Semifinalists

Sadiyah in Two Parts: A Memoir of Bangladesh by Kathryn Hummel

Close Up/Far Away by Pablo Pinero Stillmann