A Tribute to PJ Horoszko


In honor and in tribute to his brief but spectacular time with us, we have designed broadsides based on PJ Horoszko’s two poems published in issue 4 of The Atlas Review. For friends, loved ones, or anybody in admiration of his work, we will print and ship both “Neighborhoods” and “Poplars” free of charge.

Poplars Neighborhoods

The linework in PJ’s poems is always so clean and geometrical, but within that crispness belies a subject matter that dismantles as it dazzles over time. We wanted to communicate his methods by utilizing an inspired minimalism for the broadside.

We are thankful for his gift and we want as many to have that gift as possible. While we are sorry to say this is a limited offer, we want to be sure we do right to the legacy of his art. Rest in peace, PJ.

To order one or both broadsides, simply email theatlasreview [at] gmail [dot] com with your name and shipping address. We will need time to order your print and ship it, so we ask for your patience.